[Samba] W2K w/ Samba 3.0.4 PDC -- Problems using Windows Backup Utility

M. D. Parker mike.parker at ga.com
Sat Jun 5 00:43:17 GMT 2004

Since upgrading from 2.2.8a to 3.0.4, there is something strange in using
the Backup utility.  It seems to function fine when using drive letters on
the local machine, but indicates NO access to the network drive letters
attached to samba shares using the W2k net use command.  Access outside
Backup is just peachie keeno to these same drives.  

Interesting to note that when you select file browse, it indicates the same
if you use UNC directories.

The current workaround I have found is to NOT use the file browse in the
backup utility, and proceed directly to manual specification of the filename
in the form \\server\share\filename.ext (i.e. the UNC format).  Any
specification to X:\filename.ext where X is successfully mapped to
\\server\share fails.

Happens to shares whether contained in the Samba PDC or on other Samba
server domain members' shares.

Anybody got a clue here as to how to return this functionality to windows


M. D. Parker
Systems Administrator
General Atomics / Electromagnetic Systems
+1 858 455 2877
mike.parker at ga.com

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