[Samba] Point n' Print + DeskJet = Access Violation

Nicolas Christener niki.christener at dtc.ch
Fri Jun 4 21:54:00 GMT 2004

As described here:
(and on other places) some drivers will refuse to work after installing them 
using point n' print. My w2k client gives a nice acces violation after 
installing the hp deskjet 990c driver.
I checked "man smb.conf" and found some informations about the problem.
I tryed to set "default devmode" to yes, but the problem still exists.
There is also a posting that says, that this was a samba bug, and it should be 
fixed now:
Unfortunately I still have this problem.
Samba is 3.0.4 (I also tryed 3.0.2) -> Debian backport packages
BTW: Tryed a canon driver.. worked fine! But all of the tested HP drivers (4 
different versions/models  faild. 

Can someone of you tell me how I can get this driver to work?
Does a workarround exists for this problem?

Any help would be great!
(I think you don't need my config. Otherwise i'll post them.)

Thanks in advance.

BTW: sorry for my bad (or at least not so good) english.

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