[Samba] Help with: "Cannot copy Filename: The specified net

Chip Scheide Dromidary at Pghrepository.org
Fri Jun 4 14:31:18 GMT 2004

>Error copying file or folder - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I have not - do not wrk with linux - however, 
I have seen similar behaviour working with Mac (OS9 and OSX)

This usually has been the result of illegal character(s) in the file or folder name, or illegal placement of legal characters. Either on the server, or on the source/destination machine.

the following legal characters placed incorrectly can can cause the same or similar error messages:
- file name length - if the file or folder name is too long.
- leading spaces
- leading periods
- trailing spaces
- trailing periods

will likely choke the copy process.

I have an applescript (which won't do you any good) that removes illegal characters in Mac file/folder names before tranfering to a windows machine.  Follows is a list of characters that are removed.
{"\\", "/", ":", ";", "*", "?", "\"", "<", ">", "|", "#", "€", return, tab}

in case this list gets munged up during transit -
double back slash, single forward slash, colon, semi colon, asterisk, question mark, single back slash, left arrow (shift + comma), right arrow (shoft + period), bar (shift + back slash), pound (shfit +3), bullet (option + 8 [ascii 165]) ), <return>, <tab>

some of these characters are not possible to use on some OSes, except for colon, <return> and <tab> all of them can be inserted into a filename by a user on a Mac.  Colon is the directory marker (like"/" on windows) for a Mac, and I have seen programs insert <return> and <tab> into filenames.

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