[Samba] I can see all the host just can't connect to them

Douglas Hammond wizhippo at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 2 21:51:38 GMT 2004

I am connecting to work using a vpn.

My office is on a differnt subnet than my vpn and routing is setup
I can ping all my hosts fine.

i have samba setup as a wins server, master and local browser.

I have my vpn set point my wins client to the samba server.

I can see all my hosts in w2k, both my machine at home and at the office.
I can connect to my machines at home fine but when ever I try to connect to 
an office machine i always get "The network path not found"

i can connect to the office machines if i specify the ip address.

Can somebody give me an idea as to why my windows machine can't connect to 
the office lan even though they all show when browsing?

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