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Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Wed Jun 2 21:12:25 GMT 2004

As in over the internet say access work servers from your home or home 
server from some machine not in your house?  It is possible, but realize 
that most ISPs now block windows filesharing ports.  The reasons for 
this are the same reasons you shouldn't do it if your ISP doesn't block 
them.  It's a huge security hole.  Also, SMB is not really efficient 
across a WAN.  If you want to, setting up some sort of a VPN is a better 
way to start, then you are effectively 'on' the local subnet as well as 
secure and not encumbered by restrictions your ISP puts on you.

sambals at rincewind.beloit.edu wrote:

>Hey guys!
>Question for you in about samba in general, can you set it up so that I
>can access my samba shares from a computer not in my subnet?  Aka, I
>want to be able to access my samba server (using samba) off of my
>network.  I've seen documentation stating that this can be done, but my
>experences with the actual system seem to be otherwise!
>Any help in getting this going (if it can work) would be great!

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