[Samba] questions regarding SAMBA and Windows Terminal Server

Richard Harding rick at ricksweb.info
Fri Jan 30 14:50:12 GMT 2004

I currently have a debian web server, Win2k Exchange server as a PDC, 
and a Win2k Terminal Server.

I want to get rid of exchange and I am looking at putting openldap on 
the Debian box with email. If I did this I would want to get the Win2k 
TS to authenticate to the Debian openldap box. If I set up SAMBA could I 
get it to do so? I want only one place to manage user accounts and since 
I have to have them on the Debian machine to get the email accounts I am 
hoping SAMBA can help me with TS authentication. I can't seem to find 
much information on this however.

I would also wonder if anyone has gotten it to work with Win2k3 TS. 
Eventually I will be upgrading the server.

If not is there any way anyone knows of to drop exchange, use a second 
machine as Windows PDC to authenticate the TS to, but replicate that 
information to SAMBA as a secondary DC? That way I could still manage my 
user accounts on the openldap on the Debian machine and just get the 
accounts replicated up to the PDC running Windows?

Thanks for any info and advice you can offer in this situation.

Rick Harding

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