[Samba] User access level.

Anders Norrbring anders at norrbring.biz
Fri Jan 30 12:32:30 GMT 2004

Well, now everything seems to be in place for the big leap to Linux for file
server and logon server.

But there is one big catch that I can't find any info about.  The default
user level mappings in a Windows XP SP1 / Samba 2.2.5 PDC setting.

Admin level is perfectly clear, but there is a group level "Domain Users",
what is the corresponding Windows XP user level?  Will the user be a "User"
or "Privileged User" ?  If it's the lower level, how can I enable the Priv.
User level to be the active?  The Samba PDC is running with roaming
profiles, uses LDAP and is version 2.2.5 (alt. 2.2.8a).

Upgrading to Samba3 isn't an option, due to its tight integration with the
rest of my SuSE system. (SuSE Linux Standard Server 8).

Anders Norrbring

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