[Samba] Featurerequest: LDAPgroups as groupOfUniqeNames

Adam Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Jan 29 14:40:05 GMT 2004

> This might be a featurerequest for 4.0, but I would be happy if it could
> go into 3.1 or something.
> I would be very happy if Samba could add the DNs of a user instead of
> his/her uid to a sambaGroup, thus using the groupOfUniqe names
> objectclass for administering groups. 

Since group add/remove is managed via a script, can't it do that now? 
Just use the UID to look up the DN, and add the DN; verses adding the

> This would make groups inline with the LDAP consept of groups and make
> it possible to use them in ACLs etc.

RFC2307bis already does this on the POSIX side, and is supported by

So what you want already exists, today.

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