[Samba] W9x doesn't download printer drivers

Francesco Malvezzi malvezzi at unimo.it
Thu Jan 29 09:02:18 GMT 2004

My W9x clients cannot download printer driver from samba 3.0.2rc1 with 
cups 1.1.17, while w2k clients do.

The W9x clients open the Add Printer Wizard, connect to print$ share, 
request the ADOBEPS4.DRV file, but they stop at the beginning of the 
Permissions on print$\WINNT\0 directory are the same as print$\W32X86\2. 
cupsaddsmb was successful.

I sniffed the packets while client was in the Add Printer Wizard, and 
just looking text, the only suspicious string is: "lpr.kyocera 
noentries" (kyocera is a printer name). It appears in a LANMAN 
WPrintQGetInfo Response at the very end of the dialog.

Non idea what to do.



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