[Samba] Samba wife Foxpro Database

andy andy at netgnome.ch
Mon Jan 26 22:14:41 GMT 2004

Hi List...

I am hope my english is not so bad and you onderstand my.

on a smal network at my custumer ther use a foxpro database.
The bigerst database is 700 MB and all Databases use 2.5 GB space.

This moment is the database on a w2kserver an weri slow to print a project.
The user most wait 2 min. to print a custumer project out.

my question

Is Posibile to boost the foxpro database wif samba ?
and howto configure for best Performace to runing foxpro databases.

wath for a os and wath for a file format i am most use?
(OS=Mandrike,Redhat,Freebsd...) ext2,ext3,Reiserfs,)?

Danks for any help


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