[Samba] smbclient problems and authentication problems

Obry, Dean (GBY) Dean.Obry at gapac.com
Mon Jan 26 21:15:35 GMT 2004

I have installed samba 3.0 and am following the Samba HOWTO.......

I am at the steps 2.3 and 2.4 to check the install with the smbclient
commands, and I get:

          smbclient -L  myhostname
                "Connection to myhostname failed"

All it says in the book is "You should see a llist of shares available on
your server.   If you do not, then 
something is incorrectly configured."     This does not help me.    What are
the things that
could be configured wrong for me to not get a successful smbclient command?

         I CAN NOT get the following command to work:     smbclient
//w2kdnsname/c$  -k 
             "Connection to myhostname failed"      

         I CAN NOT get the following command to work:     smbclient
//dns.name.of.myw2k.domain.controller/c$  -k 
             "Connection to   W2K.Domain.controller.dnsname      failed" 

         I CAN get the following command to work:             smbclient
//ipaddr.ofmy.w2k.server/c$  -k

I am trying to get samba to authenticate with a W2K domain controller
through kerberos5.   I only have smbd and
winbindd running.    I want to use the DNS that my W2K machine controls.   I
can do a "kinit" and "net ads join"
successfully (a klist verifies this).   The wbinfo commands from LINUX show
the users and groups
that are defined on my W2K box.    I can not setup a samba share point from
my W2K box.   The various logs
in /var/log/samba/......    are  pretty full (using logging level 5), and I
could use some advice for what to 
look for.     Any advice that anyone can provide, would be a huge help.
thanks, Dean 

Dean Obry
Technical Services Lead 

Georgia-Pacific Corporation
email:  dean.obry at gapac.com
phone:  920-438-2662

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