[Samba] My story installing Samba-LDAP PDC (it has a happy ending )

Eyon, Tae TEyon at wa.aacisd.com
Sun Jan 25 01:24:45 GMT 2004

i am also struggling with having a windows machine (xp) connect to a
sampa-ldap pdc.  as far as the guide detailing vegeta's work, i'm somewhere
around step 5 where you groupmap the windows groups to the linux groups.
but unfortunately when i run the command: net groupmap add ntgroup="Domain
Admins" unixgroup=domadmin it fails.

the error returned is :  adding entry Domain Admins failed.

i imagine i'm missing something obvious, but i've been looking at this for
so long my mind is going numb.

thanks for any help


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