Eric Roseme eroseme at emonster.rose.hp.com
Sat Jan 24 20:35:24 GMT 2004

I have written a wordy whitepaper about Samba and Terminal Server.   
I'll post it to the list in a separate message.

Eric Roseme

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 03:13, Luis Alberto Reyes R. wrote:
>>At the samba lists, we have found several old questions about problems wit
>>W2K-Terminal Services vs Samba (dated in December 2000). But we can´t get
>>actual information about HOW TODAY (January 2004) the problem is fixed. We
>>have this situacion and we need solve it.
>There are three main issues to consider regarding terminal services:
> - As a DC of terminal-services member servers we failed to store the
>required information.  This is fixed for tdbsam and ldapsam in currently
>rc 3.0.2.
> - MAX_CONNECTIONS.  The issue was that we would only allow 128
>connections from a single terminal server.  We now allow an unlimited
>number of shares to be connected, in currently rc 3.0.2
> - All connections on the same TCP/IP connection.  This is the worst
>issue, as far as terminal-server users are concerned.  Unlike on client
>PCs, each and every session on a terminal server uses the same
>connection to Samba.  This means that Samba slows down, as it switches
>between users, and as other delays in the system cause the entire scheme
>to block.
>Both problems can be worked around, by making the win2k server think
>that the samba server has multiple identities.  For example, an lmhosts
>file, or wins-server hacks, can give each user their own 'profile
>server', for loading their roaming profile and home server from.  It's
>still the same server, but win2k doesn't know that.  (you then need to
>modify each users properties).
>Andrew Bartlett

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