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On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 03:13, Luis Alberto Reyes R. wrote:
> At the samba lists, we have found several old questions about problems wit
> W2K-Terminal Services vs Samba (dated in December 2000). But we can´t get
> actual information about HOW TODAY (January 2004) the problem is fixed. We
> have this situacion and we need solve it.

There are three main issues to consider regarding terminal services:

 - As a DC of terminal-services member servers we failed to store the
required information.  This is fixed for tdbsam and ldapsam in currently
rc 3.0.2.

 - MAX_CONNECTIONS.  The issue was that we would only allow 128
connections from a single terminal server.  We now allow an unlimited
number of shares to be connected, in currently rc 3.0.2

 - All connections on the same TCP/IP connection.  This is the worst
issue, as far as terminal-server users are concerned.  Unlike on client
PCs, each and every session on a terminal server uses the same
connection to Samba.  This means that Samba slows down, as it switches
between users, and as other delays in the system cause the entire scheme
to block.

Both problems can be worked around, by making the win2k server think
that the samba server has multiple identities.  For example, an lmhosts
file, or wins-server hacks, can give each user their own 'profile
server', for loading their roaming profile and home server from.  It's
still the same server, but win2k doesn't know that.  (you then need to
modify each users properties).

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