[Samba] Print to script

Thomas Nolte t.nolte at nolteinfosysteme.de
Fri Jan 23 15:23:53 GMT 2004

Hi there,

Since I use SAMBA 3.0 the following printing to script does not work:

	load printers = yes
	printing = CUPS
	printcap name = cups

	comment = PDF Printer
	print command = /usr/bin/tps2file.sh "%s" "%U" "pdf" "pdfwrite" ""
	path = /share/spool/tmp
	printable = yes

Print jobs are canceled, because there is no cups printer named "PDF

Is there a way to print to a script and ignore cups only for this printer.

Thanks for any help.


  Thomas Nolte

Nolte Infosysteme, Neue Strasse 37, 38300 Wolfenbuettel
tel 05331-946210, fax 05331-946211, www.nolteinfosysteme.de 

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