[Samba] Web inteface for uploading?

Adam Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Fri Jan 23 14:07:23 GMT 2004

> I was wondering if there is a web interface out there for 
> uploading and downloading from samba shares?  I found the 
> SMB2WWW but it at the moment does not support upload nor 
> does it seem very secure.  I would like something that 
> requires authentication.  Has anyone done this or is it 
> even possible yet?

Get "Davenport" which is a Tomcat web applicaition that provides WebDAV
access to a CIFS network, including share browseing, etc...   We've used
it from Windows 2000/XP, Ximian Desktop 2, and Mac OS/X with good
success.  It will do authentication to a PDC (including Samba) and
supports encryption.


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