AW: [Samba] unicode conversion

Markus Thüer zzz at
Fri Jan 23 13:53:41 GMT 2004

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> Betreff: Re: [Samba] unicode conversion

> > Well, I fixed that with 
> >setting unix charset = ISO8859-15. But the umlaute are still not
> >rightly. New files are ok and I can change old ones by hand.
> so if ISO8859-15 works okay for you, you probably also had set 
> "character set = iso8859-15" in Samba 2. With Samba 3 you really 
> should leave "unix charset" to the default, utf8, you just have to 
> convert the old filenames.
After the conversion with convmv it works fine with unix charset = utf8
but the umlaute I had with Samba 2.2.8 are still not back. Only new
files or changed ones show it correctly. So it does not make a differnce
if I use unix charset Iso8859-15 or convert the filenames and use utf8.
But I realy want my umlaute back. Do I realy have to change the
filenames by hand?


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