[Samba] sambaPDC+LDAP

Gilberto Nunes gilbertonunes at cbj.g12.br
Fri Jan 23 12:12:03 GMT 2004


    I wanna to thanks everyone that help me about the samba and ldap.
    Now, I have a PDC samba server that work very well.
    But I have one think yet: the windows 2000 profiles.

    I´m using this, in smb.conf:

logon path = \{}\{}%L\{}profiles\{}%U

Perfils of users is being safe in schemes local, and I want that they are
safe in the server. How I decide this problem?
Thanks one more time...

Gilberto Nunes
Suporte Rede Bonja - Bom Jesus/Ielusc
Fone: 433-0155 - ramal 235
www.ielusc.br - suporte at ielusc.br
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