[Samba] Win2k ADS + Samba + Kerberos

Humberto Valiente G. hvaliente at sep.com.pa
Fri Jan 23 00:11:03 GMT 2004

Problem: The win2k server and win2k clients machines can not access the
shares on a Samba3 Linux server.

Architecture: Win2k Server with AD 

              Clients machine are Win2k and all users are authenticated 
              in the Win2k server (Kerberos)

              All Win2k clients must access the shares in the samba3
	      server (Linux)

              The Samba3 server is authenticated by the Win2K KDC.

By now:       all win2k users are authenticated very well by the Win2k

              The samba3 server is added (using ads join) in the Win2K
              Server Machine

              smbclient is functioning very well.

My question:  How can I do to make all the Window2k machines (server 
              and clients too) to access the shares at the samba server.

Please some hints of if you have the solution I will appreciate

Thanks a lot, 


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