[Samba] Newbie: Samba and Networks

mwestern at sola.com.au mwestern at sola.com.au
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sounds like you have bitten off a big chunk...   first of all, can you map
the drive on the local network?   you need port 135 open across all your
routers/firewalls, and i'm guessing if it's a real firewall 135 will
definitly be closed...   

if this is just a once off thing, or not used much have you considered using
winscp?  it's a remote/local copy freebie that uses ssh.   i use it quite a
bit when i can't be bothered using samba, or it's a brand new box...
i'm assuming you use ssh here not telnet?

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Installing samba 2.2.8a on a Solaris 2.8 machine for the purpose of mounting
shared Unix file systems on W2K clients.

Completed basic install, and tested OK on the same network.

However, when the W2K boxes are on a separate network, mapping the drive or
using net use on the W2K box results in the dreaded "The network path was
not found." message..  Traffic travels through at least four routers and two
firewalls between the W2K box and the Solaris server.  Physically, these
machines are in different cities.  I can ping both ways using ports 137-139,
and 445.  Ftp and telnet work fine.

I am very light in the network knowledge area.  What needs to be open on the
routers and firewalls to allow samba traffic through?

I do not have access to the firewalls or routers - I need to contact other
folks in security organizations in two different companies to get updates
made.  Thus, I have limited ability to "try" something to see if it works.
Is there a definitive document on how to troubleshoot network problems like
this, or does someone have a step by step algorithm they use when facing
this issue.

Grateful advance thanks.  I have been fighting this beast for four days now,
and am now pleading for help.

Steve Sims

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