[Samba] Bad SID under a samba member domain

David PORTE porte at trigone.fr
Thu Jan 22 12:53:01 GMT 2004

I've got 1 Samba 3.0.0 PDC with ldap server 2.2.4 ( netbios name : 
'PDC'  and domain name : 'DOMAIN' )
I created all my samba/posix users (~100) under ldap, and the domain is 
working well...
I've just added a new Samba 3.0.0 (netbios name : 'FS') in my domain 
'DOMAIN' with the net join command , and create some shared folders.
But, when I  create a file or a folder in a shared folder, this file or 
folder belongs to FS\myname instead of DOMAIN\myname.
My samba domain member don't resolve the uid/gid with the good sid, ... 
I try a lot of option in smb.conf, but i don't find the answer...
UID/GID and SID are in my ldap server,so why this samba domain member 
don't lookup in the ldap server???
Someone can help me, please??...


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