[Samba] Administrator and Samba PDC

Robert Brugman rbrugman at chartermi.net
Thu Jan 22 02:29:26 GMT 2004

I posted yesterday about using samba as a primary domain controller.  I 
have a couple other issues I need help resolving.

I got my profiles copied over, but some things seem different.  For 
example, Norton Antivirus Corporate doesn't load in the lower right 
like it does on my local account.  Mainly stuff like that.  The only 
other issues I am having are with Administrators.  I need to be an 
administrator on the network, but I'm not sure what I need to do to 
make myself one.  Also, is it possible to make a user an administrator 
for just one workstation?  The last issue is with login/logout scripts. 
  When my user logs in, it executes a batch file that contains calls to 
change my resolution to 1600x1200.  When I log out, the logoff script 
tells multires.exe to put it back to 1024x768.  Where would I put this 
script so that it runs?  Where would I put the logoff script?

Thanks SO much in advance!

P.S.  Please use the reply-all function of your mail program to reply 
so it can skip my mail filters and put the much-needed answers right in 
my mailbox.  Thanks!

~Robert Brugman~
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