[Samba] Printer on WinXP

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Sat Jan 17 13:33:39 GMT 2004

> Thomas Bergstam thomas at acat.se
> Sat Jan 3 18:10:22 GMT 2004
> Hi all,
> Is it possible to use a printer attached to a WinXP computer from Linux
> (Suse) using only console mode, ie. no graphic mode?


1. Make sure your WinXP-attached printer is shared.

2. Make sure you use "CUPS" as a printing system.

3. Make sure you know about CUPS and PPDs.

4. Know that WinXP (Prof!) is capable of using IPP as a print protocol

5. Know that Microsoft, in their unlimited wisdom decided to use as
    a printer URI this:

         http://[IP-address of WinXP]:80/[printer-sharename]/.printer

6. Install the printer (assuming IP for WinXP is and
    printer-sharename of printer is my_printer):

         lpadmin -p printername -v -E -P /path/to/PPD

7. Print to your heart's limits fromt the commandline:

         lp -d printername /path/to/printfile


P.S:: Please bear in mind, that you may not receive anyone's attention to
       your question, if you continue to miss providing *any* details about
       your system, like "XP Home or XP Prof?", "Version of SuSE?" etc.

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