[Samba] Add user script, with winbind, without PAM (Solaris 9)

Paul Coray paul.coray at unibas.ch
Fri Jan 16 15:00:58 GMT 2004

Dear all

We've been running sucessfully a 2.2.8a Fileserver, member of our NT 
domain, authentication with winbind, on a Solaris box. As I've 
experienced stability issues with winbind and some minor problems with 
missing unicode support, I'm very happy that these problems hopefully 
will be gone with version 3.

Now I noticed, that it seems not to be possible any longer to have an 
add user script creating homedirs on the fly without a local user 
repository (smbpasswd or LDAP and PAM), which worked just fine before. 
The problem might also be the missing support for pam_mkhomedir.so in 

In the archives I found this discussion: 
So there seems to be some disagreement within the developpers, whether 
the old behavior should be restored or not...

I think there should be at least some sort of workaround, letting this 
configuration (security = domain) create homedirs on an automated base.

Anybody found the trick?

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