[Samba] samba configuration question

Helen Nulty hnulty at email.unc.edu
Thu Jan 15 19:41:16 GMT 2004

We have a central campus kerberos server.  We have a local
Active Directory domain which is a member of the main campus
forest.  We have 2 samba 3.0 servers currently configured:
    security = domain
    password server = SPHDC0 SPHDC1
where SPHDC0 is the primary domain controller, SPHDC1 is
backup domain controller and neither of which runs in native

We want everyone, for both domain and samba services, to
authenticate to the main campus kerberos server.  Say we get
over the hurdle of having our domain logins authenticated by
the main campus kerberos server.  Can we keep our existing
samba configuration and in a transitive manner effectively
authenticate to the main campus kerberos server as well for
our samba connections?

If not, how can we do this?

We will appreciate any insights anyone has to offer.  We're
willing to share what we learn.

Thank you,

Helen Nulty

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