[Samba] Re: SAMBA + LDAP: can login to domain

Xavier Poinsard xpoinsard at openpricer.com
Thu Jan 15 09:42:21 GMT 2004

Andrei Mikhailovsky wrote:
> Hello,
> I've tried to integrate samba 3.0.1 and LDAP 2.1.23 using the guide 
> provided from http://www.hilinski.net/samba/. While the ldap+samba user 
> authentication seems to work fine, I can't join the Domain from a 
> Windows 2000 Client. The Domain is found and Name/Password Credentials 
> are asked. I enter root and password and I get an error:
> Login Failure: Unknow username or bad password

=> You should try to solve this problem first :
  - check presence of root account in LDAP : smbldap-usershow.pl root
  - re-enter root password : smbldap-passwd.pl

> Can you tell me what am I doing wrong?
> Thanks for any help )

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