[Samba] Queries regarding domain groups

Ross Saad ross at corbettresearch.com
Wed Jan 14 22:29:10 GMT 2004


I'm trying to understand the way Samba maps groups to Windows.

Linux version 2.4.17 (gcc version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.1 2.96-98))
Samba Version 2.2.7a

Basically, what I'm trying to do involves setting up certain groups on the
Windows domain and assigning them to users.
Using VB and ADSI, I can get a list of all groups and all users on the
domain. However, it doesn't seem possible to create groups on the domain or
to retrieve a user's groups.

I understand that groups and group info on the server are stored in
/etc/group. Some of these groups are in the list that I can retrieve,
together with some Windows groups, eg. Print Operators. Where do the Windows
groups come from?

In /etc/group it seems as though users have been assigned to groups, but I
can't retrieve a user's group(s) from Windows. Also, I notice that our
smb.conf doesn't have a section for domain admin group or domain guest
group. Would it help my cause from Windows to add these in? How can I assign
domain administrator that will be recognised through Windows and will this
administrator be able to perform my intent?

Is it possible to achieve any of this given the system over here? I've read
that Samba 3 has new support for Windows group mapping, although I'm not
sure if group creation and administration will be possible through Windows.

Any help is much appreciated.


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