[Samba] cypercafe solution , samba, distros anyone expierience needed

rruegner robowarp at gmx.de
Thu Jan 15 00:03:08 GMT 2004

Hi sambatistas,
today i was asked to renew a cybercafes network.
As yet it is not clear if we will switch to linux in a whole.
Has sombody of you did this before ,and is willing to share some
advices with a setup with samba and windows.
I thougt about a solution in which every win clients
profile is loaded from a mastercopyprofile in samba, and 
after the the user has ended it gets deleted in total.
The result should be a clean fresh profile everytime at login on the win client machine ( win2000).
The default loginusersame ( with only guest group permission ) should be like the win computers networkname.
After a session had ended the inlogged time should 
be only printed out to the servers printer.
I thought about a script which should do this invoked by 
root preexec and root postexec at opening ( closing )netlogon share.
Does this sound like a good idea to you?
The other side may be we will switch to linux on the clients too (what i would preffer) does anybody know a prebuild distro or software for this , kind of debian maybe ?( freshmeat was not very full looking to such stuff ).
My thought also go to a thin client solution ,
or using knoppix on the clients and give access to the server via , nis ldap ore else.
Has anybody of you allready done such stuff ?
Any help would be nice
Best Regards  

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