[Samba] signing failures during smbclient tar operation: SMB signature check failed

Fran Fabrizio fran at cis.uab.edu
Wed Jan 14 21:21:53 GMT 2004

[next time I won't hit send before finishing my thought, sorry]

The interesting thing is that:

# smbclient \\\\snapper\\dfs <password> -U Administrator -E -W CISWINNET
-D home -d3 -Tqca /tmp/test.tar


of size 15593375 bytes as a tar file backup20010502.zipnread=0
[2004/01/14 15:05:10, 3] client/clitar.c:do_atar(693)


[2004/01/14 15:05:12, 3] client/clitar.c:do_atar(693)
[2004/01/14 15:05:12, 1] libsmb/smb_signing.c:signing_good(205)
  signing_good: SMB signature check failed on seq 7!
[2004/01/14 15:05:12, 0] libsmb/clientgen.c:cli_receive_smb(121)
  SMB Signature verification failed on incoming packet!
[2004/01/14 15:05:12, 0] client/clitar.c:do_atar(698)
  Error reading file
: Server packet had invalid SMB signature!


# smbclient \\\\snapper\\dfs <password> -U Administrator -E -W CISWINNET
-D home\\faculty\\bryant\\bryantback-brblt\\Images\\backups -d3 -Tqca

works fine.  So it's not the particular file that causes it to fail, but
perhaps when it hits a certain threshold for total amount of data?

Should I be taking this to one of the more technical lists?


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