[Samba] Spam reduction suggestion

Wm. Dean Dufresne dean at dufresneit.com
Wed Jan 14 19:56:15 GMT 2004

Mailing list programs need to incorporate reverse lookup... Unless that
wouldn't work.

On 1/14/04 10:59 AM, "Don Koch" <koch at cognex.com> wrote:

> The real problem is that all of the recent spam on this list has
> a From value from samba.org - more precisely samba at samba.org.
> The easiest way to reduce spam on this list is to remove samba at samba.org
> from the user whitelist.  Actually, the entire domain is whitelisted; maybe
> that should be changed.  Another alternative is adding samba at samba.org to
> the blacklist; after all, "samba" shouldn't be sending mail to itself.

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