[Samba] dtsession PAM error

Klinger, John (N-CSC) john.klinger at lmco.com
Wed Jan 14 16:07:34 GMT 2004

This may be OT, since I don't think is related to samba, but since we
just made pam.conf changes for samba, we are on the top of the suspect

Ocassionally, we are getting a running error in a .dt/errorlog stating:

dtsession: pam_start status = 4

This *quickly* fills up the disk, as it is written many, many times per
second. It occurs on both Samba clients and servers, but doesn't start
until after the system has been running for quite a while. We've been
unable to pin down what is causing it.

I've been doing net searches but have yet to find any pointers. Samba
code searches have not illuminated anything either.

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