[Samba] Symbolic link gets overwritten

negg neggl at web.de
Tue Jan 13 13:31:49 GMT 2004

> From: jerry at samba.org [mailto:jerry at samba.org] 
> Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 6:02 PM
> It's probably the windows application removing the original file and 
> creating a new one.  Check level 10 samba logs to verify this 
> behavior.

Thanks for the reply, Jerry. I will check that soon. But anyway: that
would possibly explain it on windows. But we noticed the problem exists
also on a unix-system (macOSX):
The same application (Xemacs) overwrites the link on Samba (Xemacs on
macOSX, link-file on linux-server via samba) while it stores to the
target file on NFS (Xemacs on macOSX, link-file on linux-server,
connection via NFS). Assuming that Xemacs doesn't store a file
differently on differently mounted file systems this would mean that the
NFS server reacts correctly to the commands issued by Xemacs and samba

Still not convinced this isn't a bug...


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