[Samba] Long filenames and 8.3 conversion

James Finnall james at finnall.net
Tue Jan 13 13:29:01 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 13 January 2004 00:00, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Nope, Samba created these names on the fly using a fixed
> algorithm. They should always map to the same 8.3 names
> so I'm not exacty sure what your problem is here. Can
> you explain further what you're trying to do and what fails ?
> Jeremy.

Thank you for your response and confirmation of the method used
to create the 8.3 names.  But I am not sure what I can add to the
my original post regarding the application.  The Windows app
requests an old style 8.3 filename and one is provided.  It reads
the data contained in the file and stores it in the index file for every
data file in the directory tree.

When the user attempts to locate a record, for instance by last name,
the list of names are presented in alpha order for the last name in each
of the files.  The user then selects the name desired.  The Windows
app then requests the data file for that name using the 8.3 filename
stored in the index file.  However, the user is provided the wrong data
file, a completely different customer than the one selected.

This problem ONLY exists when the data files use long filenames.
When the filenames are maintained in an 8.3 format then the app
works great, because no 8.3 tilde type filenames are in use.  If the
long filenames are stored on the local hard disk in MS Windows on
a FAT32 partition then it also works great.  This problem is only 
apparent when the application uses long filenames and they are
stored on the Linux file server running Samba.

So I can only conclude that when a 8.3 tilde filename is created, and
not stored on the server, and a request is later made for that file using 
the 8.3 tilde filename, then Samba just performs a best guess at what
file is being requested.  The time delay on the user request is only
seconds and the file system has not changed in anyway.  The index is
built and then the user attempts to use it.  But it doesn't work properly.

Perhaps the info above will be of some assistance to identify what is
required here.

Thank you,

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