[Samba] Samba 2.2.8a: Deleting all files

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Mon Jan 12 20:06:26 GMT 2004

I have a directory on Unix exposed as a Samba share. All the filenames are greater than 8.3 format. When I go to this directory from a DOS 
prompt and do 'del *.*', I get a bunch of errors 'Unable to find file ...'..
But, if the directory contained 500 files, after the 'del *.*' it contains 400 files.
I repeat the del *.*, get a few more errors Unable to find file ... and now my files are down to 300. And so on.
When I copy the directory to a native NTFS filesystem, I dont get these issues. del *.* removes all files in one shot.
What is wrong here? Do I need to play with the mangling parameters in smb.conf? My file names are something like format. Most of the files have the first 11 characters the same.
If I do a 'dir /x', I get the 8.3 filenames fine with no apparent collision, so why does del *.* have a problem?
Thanks for any help

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