[Samba] Large File Access from Linux to Linux Host using Samba

Bobby Hitt Robert.Hitt at bscnet.com
Sun Jan 11 01:29:08 GMT 2004


I'm having a strange problem with Samba and accessing large files on a Linux
host from another Linux host. My home network consists of two Linux hosts
and one W2K workstation. Call the hosts L-A, L-B and W2K. L-A and L-B both
run the Linux 2.4.23 kernels with SMB support, both are running Samba 3.0.1.
On L-A I have a large file, 4.2 GB. From L-B I use smbmount to mount the /
directory on L-A to the /L-A local share. From L-B, the 4.2 GB file shows up
as 638 MB using ls -l, which is clearly wrong. From the W2K host, I map the
same share on L-A as drive Z:. The file size is displayed as 4.2 GB, the
correct size. If I attempt to copy the file from L-A to L-B, only 638 MB is
copied, clearly wrong. Using FTP from L-B to access L-A, the file size is
correct at 4.2 GB. Prior to installing 3.0.1 on L-A, I was using Samba
2.2.8a, and the file size displayed as a HUGE 22 digit number, also wrong.

Does anyone know why the file size is being displayed incorrectly, and more
importantly, what do I need to do to correct the problem? Reading and
writing large files to both the Linux hosts works fine with W2K, the problem
is that Linux can't access large files using Samba.



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