[Samba] cannot read messages(popup) but with root.

tudor tatar tudor.tatar at tin.it
Sat Jan 10 19:45:10 GMT 2004

The messages samba receives over the Lan are owned by user nobody, I can
open them only with root.
ls -l /tmp/ | grep msg
-rw-------    1 nobody   nobody          7 Jan 10 18:26 msg.lb34mU
-rw-------    1 nobody   nobody          6 Jan 10 18:22 msg.YycNY5

How can  change (not manualy) permissions of this incoming files so that
they are available to other users? (Make them let's say -rw-r--r--) Can
samba log them with different permissions?

tudor tatar <tudor.tatar at tin.it>

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