[Samba] syncing file dates between windows nt4 and samba 3.0

Holger Krull holger.krull at gmx.de
Sat Jan 10 18:15:02 GMT 2004

Kristian Rink schrieb:

> workstations which at night run xcopy /d to copy files from the 

> files or directories I am copying there - if they already exist on the 
> samba machine, they're obviously updated, but their timestamp doesn't 

> After playing around with dos filetime and fake directory create 
> filetimes without any success: Can anyone enlighten me in this topic?

Hmm, no real solution but the update stops if you make a touch on the samba server on all files. And 
a system with disabled ntfslastAccess doesn't update every time with xcopy /d.
Looks as if this behaviour comes from differences in creation, access and changed times. (touch sets 
all of them to current time)
And robocopy only picks the real changes, maybe you can use that.


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