[Samba] syncing file dates between windows nt4 and samba 3.0

Kristian Rink krink at pm-planc.de
Sat Jan 10 14:40:59 GMT 2004

Hi all,...

... currently I am trying to get hold of a strange error which is 
successfully keeping me from sleeping the last week. Basically, I am 
running a DebianGNU/Linux based machine with samba 3.0.0 as a backup 
server for an amount of Windows NT4 workstations. There is an old backup 
"framework" around here, basically a collection of .bat files on the 
workstations which at night run xcopy /d to copy files from the 
workstation to the backup server (which used to be an NT4 server before, 
as well). This procedure by now was intented to only copy modified files 
from workstation to backup, which worked pretty well...

This is not the case with Samba, however. Basically, the Samba server is 
part of the local NT domain, access permissions are fine so far, yet 
xcopy each and every time is copying _all_ files to the backup server 
instead of just those which didn't change. And, by now, no matter which 
files or directories I am copying there - if they already exist on the 
samba machine, they're obviously updated, but their timestamp doesn't 
change while doing this.

After playing around with dos filetime and fake directory create 
filetimes without any success: Can anyone enlighten me in this topic?

TIA, have a fine weekend everyone!

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