[Samba] Change in SID: users having trouble

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sat Jan 10 02:43:16 GMT 2004

On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 12:53:45PM +0100, Davide Frey wrote:
> When I migrated our Samba PDC from version 2.2.7 to 3.0, I was forced to 
> have the 4 machines we are using rejoin our domain, because the SID had 
> changed.
> Since then, users have been able to log on, but any attempt to start IE, 
> or Outlook fails, apparently because something in the user's profile 
> cannot be accessed due to the SID modification, and the icons in the 
> WinXP start menu have disappeared for apparently the same reason.
> Does anybody know if there is a way to solve this problem now, without 
> recreating all the users or losing their profiles? And what should I 
> have done to migrate to the new version without having to go through the 
> SID modification?

A clean upgrade, with the same privatedir would have worked fine.  If
you had smbpasswd in /etc/samba/private before (and therefore
secrets.tdb in /etc/samba/private as well) and you upgrade to 3.0 with
the private dir being /usr/local/samba/private, things like this will
break.  Basicly, make sure you put the files in their new locations
*before* you start Samba.

As to your problems, this is due to the SID having changed, which
changes the effect of ACLs in the registry.  The 'profiles' too in
Samba 3.0 might help.

Andrew Bartlett

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