[Samba] user management tool

Andrew Gaffney agaffney at skylineaero.com
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I guess its been a while since I looked at the Samba Webmin module

John H. wrote:
> like samba as a PDC on a windows network?
> that's what i'm using it for(for the configuration part).
> what else are you looking to do?  it can also easily map things like Domain Power Users and Domain Admins to unix groups.
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> Let me rephrase. This tool would be for management of Samba-based NT-style domains.<br><br>John H. wrote:<br>> webmin<br>> www.webmin.com<br>> has EXCELLENT samba tools for managing users.  it's really nice how it will bind samba users to unix users for you(change unix user, and samba user is changed).  I recently moved a small company over to a linux server and webmin was key for them so they could understand how to do things themselves.  it even has a swat interface to get things just right.<br><br>-- <br>Andrew Gaffney<br>System Administrator<br>Skyline Aeronautics, LLC.<br>776 North Bell Avenue<br>Chesterfield, MO 63005<br>636-357-1548<br><br>
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