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Jérôme Fenal jerome.fenal at logicacmg.com
Thu Jan 8 13:36:40 GMT 2004

Hi list, hi John,

having seen last week a post (see 
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?m=107341768923846) that remind me some 
quirks I encountered, I'd like to see a preamble added to the chapter 12 
of the howto. It concerns the diffent types of admin you will need in a 
PDC setup.
I say preamble, but it could be found anywhere else, as long as it could 
be found (I have lost long hours struggling with this) ;-)

It applies to NT4 domain control, but may apply as well to ADS, when 
Samba will be ready (YMMV, I never used Samba in ADS mode).

It could be as follow :

Administrative tasks that will need to be done with or beside Samba will 
be of two types :
- the one concerning directly the domain, and thus Samba as a PDC,
- and the one concerning the clients, eg. as local workstation/server 

These are really different as the first will in fact concern the Unix 
security model that Samba follows closely, the latest are facilities 
from the Windows paradigms, such as the "Domain Admins" domain group.

The first will always need root priviledges, the second are discussed 
below regarding to how to map a Unix group to the NT4 "Domain Admins" one.

Root priviledges are basically needed to add, remove, and modify (group 
membership for instance) Unix accounts, and are given to a user having a 
  uid equal to zero. It could also be given to users specified in the 
"admin users =" clause of smb.conf. The downside of this is that the 
samba user is mapped to root (which is what we asked for), not only for 
account management, but for _all_ tasks, eg. also for accessing shares, 
creating files and so on.
These users thus should not be used for day to day work, but only for 
domain administration purposes.
But it could be mixed with the "Domain Admins" group (mapped to Unix 
group domadmin or ntadmin), just by specifying "admin users = root 
@ntadmin @domadmin" in smb.conf.
This will allow paradigms similar to the one found in NT4 domain 
administration, but with the downside cited below.

What should should be done is to have two separate groups, say domadmin 
for domain administration, ntadmin for NT client administration (such as 
a loging with local administrative rights on a workstation).

domadmin should have accounts used only for domain administration 
(add/remove workstations, servers, users), eg. tasks that could be 
accomplished through the use of USRMGR.EXE and SRVMGR.EXE.

ntadmin should be mapped to "Domain Admins" group (rid=512).

ntadmin should not be found in the "admin users =" clause, which should 
only read :
	admin users = root @domadmin

Accounts in ntadmin group should not be seen in domadmin group, and reverse.

Accounts in domadmin are nominative, just as should be all accounts in 
secure minded organisations. To differentiate them from normal accounts, 
  and could be named as "admin-da-" ("d" could be seen as domain or 
directory administrator) followed by the name of the standard account of 
the user (eg. would be admin-da-jfenal for me).

In the same manner, accounts in ntadmin could be as "admin-sa-" ("s" for 
station or server administrator).

So an administrative user would have two to three accounts :
- name,
- admin-wa-name,
- and possibly admin-da-name.

This is more or less what I'm currently writing (in french) in a 
document for one of my clients.

The account naming norm is what I am currently implementing and could be 
avoided in the howto, but it really shows what are the differences 
between the tasks, and also allows a technician to have administration 
rights on workstations, and not on the domain.

Commments are welcome, corrections too.



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