[Samba] Configuring Samba/Winbind 3.0 as a Domain Member in a 2003 - AD Domain

Arnst, Rainer Rainer.Arnst at ee-consultants.de
Thu Jan 8 11:06:32 GMT 2004


I have to set up several linux boxes, which should be able to
authenticate smb and unix logins against the Windows 2003 AD. When a
user logs in the first time the home directory should automatically be
created (possible?).

I read some online documents which (to my understanding :) ) stated that
for every samba domain member a user in the AD must be created whose
names matches the samba host name and that these users must have
permission to add hosts to the windows domain. With ktpass a keytab is
then created for every Samba Host. Is this true? Or is it not possible
to use only one user for all samba hosts and add the hosts manually to
the domain via "net ads join -UAdministrator ..."?

Any comments are appreciated.


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