[Samba] samba across subnets problems

nmayotte at charter.net nmayotte at charter.net
Wed Jan 7 02:36:05 GMT 2004

I have a suse 8.0 server running samba 2.2.3, its ip adress is  in 134.84.86.x and I'm trying to get it so that it works for both its subnet and 160.94.148.x.  I have it configured how I want it for its own subnet, but I can't get it to work in the 160.94.148 subnet.  This is what my smb.conf file looks like:

    netbios name = muskrat
    workgroup = Statistics
    server string = Samba Server

    load printers = yes
    printcap name = /etc/printcap
    security = user
    encrypt passwords = no
    local master = yes
    preferred master = yes
    os level = 65

    hosts allow = 134.84.86. 160.94.148.
    remote announce =
    remote browse sync =

    comment = Home Directories
    browseable = yes
    writable = yes

When I go to a win2k machine in the 2nd subnet (160.94.148) and goto map network drive, I put in \\muskrat\nmayotte and it comes up with an error saying "network patth \\muskrat\nmayotte could not be found.  I have this comp setup the same as the ones on the 1st subnet.  It has a static ip, and is in the statistics workgroup.  I thought I had this working last week with a similar smb.conf file, but neither work now.  Am I missing something?  Or is it more likely that there is a firewall somewhere between these subnets that won't let this work how I want it?  Also, would switching to samba 3.0 help at all?

Thanks for any help,
Nathan Mayotte

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