[Samba] samba across subnets problems

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Wed Jan 7 02:58:49 GMT 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-06 at 19:36, nmayotte at charter.net wrote:
> I have a suse 8.0 server running samba 2.2.3, its ip adress is  in 134.84.86.x and I'm trying to get it so that it works for both its subnet and 160.94.148.x.  I have it configured how I want it for its own subnet, but I can't get it to work in the 160.94.148 subnet.  This is what my smb.conf file looks like:
> [global]
>     netbios name = muskrat
>     workgroup = Statistics
>     server string = Samba Server
>     load printers = yes
>     printcap name = /etc/printcap
>     security = user
>     encrypt passwords = no
>     local master = yes
>     preferred master = yes
>     os level = 65
>     hosts allow = 134.84.86. 160.94.148.
>     remote announce =
>     remote browse sync =
> [homes]
>     comment = Home Directories
>     browseable = yes
>     writable = yes
> When I go to a win2k machine in the 2nd subnet (160.94.148) and goto map network drive, I put in \\muskrat\nmayotte and it comes up with an error saying "network patth \\muskrat\nmayotte could not be found.  I have this comp setup the same as the ones on the 1st subnet.  It has a static ip, and is in the statistics workgroup.  I thought I had this working last week with a similar smb.conf file, but neither work now.  Am I missing something?  Or is it more likely that there is a firewall somewhere between these subnets that won't let this work how I want it?  Also, would switching to samba 3.0 help at all?
Not enough info to do much more than guess.

Is there an encrypted tunnel between the two subnets or do you own your
own router that directly connects the two different subnets? 

Probably a good idea to have a machine on both subnets - a PDC on one
and BDC on other where both could run WINS and act as netbios locators.

Broadcasts are often stopped by routers so remote broadcasts can't be
counted on as automatically working - seems like you need to do some tcp
dump analysis.


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