[Samba] Traffic going to wrong interface?

Andrew Athan aathan-samba-142892 at cloakmail.com
Wed Jan 7 02:05:30 GMT 2004

I need/want samba to be active on both interfaces so the first solution
below is not applicable.

Perhaps I do not understand the Linux TCP stack very well, but it seems to
me that if the socket (samba is TCP right?) connected through eth1 that
traffic back to that host should go back through eth1, especially if the
source is on the subnet to which eth1 is connected (but not in the subnet to
which eth0 is connected).

If samba is using UDP, then it seems it somehow decides to address the
packets to the wrong IP ... perhaps there is only a single name for my
client in its lists and it uses the "first" ip address for that client name?

Anyway ... seems strange I have to solve this at the routing layer.


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assuming you are using linux:

Have you tried the below GLOBAL setting?

interfaces =

This asks samba to listen on that interface only,  I don't know if it
will also force samba to use this interface as the source for any
outbound connections.

   Making the gigabit interface your primary interface may also work.
You might be able to kludge this from within the /etc/modules.conf file
if you are using modules to drive the cards.

alias eth0 tg3
alias eth1 e100

  Then there is the route method.  you can add static routes to the
client.  Host routes are honored over network routes.  I'd use this as a
last resort,  it seems wrong.

route add -host  eth0

I have a few more but I think one of these might work.  good luck with


Andrew Athan wrote:
> If I connect via \\gige.ethernet.address\foo , and copying a large file,
> windows reports outbound traffic on the gige port and return traffic on
> 100Meg port.
> Thus, it seems the samba server sees the client->server traffic via gige
> is responding via the slower interface.  Not what I want.

UNIX is user friendly, it's just selective about who its friends are.

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