[Samba] Problems with WIN2K accessing Samba 3.0.1 as PDC

Eric G Ortego eric at opelousas.org
Tue Jan 6 20:04:28 GMT 2004

Matt wrote:

>I am almost at the end of my rope right now. Here is the deal. I initially
>installed Redhat 7.1 with the version of Samba server is came with (2.0.7 or
>something) I setup everything fine, but when it came to setting the machine
>up as a PDC, I recieved an error that could be fixed by a patch.
>Instead, I decide to re-install RH 7.1 without Samba, and get the latest
>distro. I download 3.0.1 and install. Once again P2P networking works fine,
>but when I get to PDC again... This time, All I get is Login Error: Username
>is invalid and or bad password. I have all of the required files with
>/usr/local/samba/lib/smpasswd, /etc/passwd with all of the right information
>including a Machine account for the WIN2K PC. It is all formatted properly.
>The error in the NMBD log repeats itself like 12 times with a code 0x12
>whenever I try to login. I have literally gone through EVERY "HOWTO - Samba
>PDC" on the internet, and can't get it figured out!
>When I punch in root and type the wrong password, it gives me the error
>right away, yet when I key in the right password, the drive lights on both
>machines start and about 10 seconds later is gives me the error.
>To add fuel to the fire, I have tried this with
>RedHat 7.1
>Slackware 9.1
>Debian 3.0 Rev2
>Mandrake (newest release)
>Same error. So it ain't my Linux.
You configured it....so it is your linux :-P

>Anyone... please?
You will need to post more detail.
Does testparm tell you anything looks unusual?
Have you created smb users, or do you just have 
/usr/local/samba/lib/smpasswd ?
Did you create them by editing /usr/local/samba/lib/smpasswd ? or with 
the smbpasswd utility?
Have you created a config file or you useing the default?
Have you read the config changes from samba 2 - 3?
Did you manualy add the machine account?
Have you done any ntgroup maps?
Are you allowed to see the shares with smbclient?
try smbclient -N -L SERVERNAME
then smbclient -L SERVERNAME
as root useing the smb domain Administrator 's password;
Are there any diffrences?


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