[Samba] Suddenly need IP address to mount SMB share

Jeopardy Racing jeopardyracing at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 6 16:25:39 GMT 2004

I really need a hand here. I'm running Red Hat 9.0 and
recently got the Up2Date certificates updated such
that I finally got all of the updates from Red Hat. I
run the publishers addition of Red Hat. 

Prior to the change, I used to mount an SMB share
really easily with a simple shell script than went


smbmount //Server/share /mnt/point -o

But after I finally got Up2date working and downloaded
the latest updates this script requires the exact IP
of the server I'm looking to connect to with the
following addition to the script -o ip=[num]. I can
connect this way but what a nightmare! Does anyone
know what changed and how I can get things back the
way they were?

I do notice the following when I run the scripts in
debug mode without the specific IP address appended:

tbd_open_ex: could not open file

I checked that directory and there are indeed no files
in it. It's permissions are 755. I also checked the
lmhosts file and it's permissions are 755 as well,
with no servers other than this linux machine itself

Any ideas? Thanks!

Rich Hoyer

Thanks in advance

Rich Hoyer

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