[Samba] UTMP logging in Samba 3.0.1 does not have hostnames

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Tue Jan 6 10:41:02 GMT 2004

      Dear All,

      Have not received any response on this from the list.  I had also
submitted this as a bug report (BUG ID 914) at https://bugzilla.samba.org.
We would very much like to use 3.0.1 on our PDC and BDCs but it is
important for us to be able to log logins with the hostnames.  Version
2.2.8a was patched to log hostnames.  Is there a need to patch ver. 3.0.1
also?  If so, can someone point me to the patch?  Thanks much in advance


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Subject:  [Samba] UTMP logging in Samba 3.0.1 does not have hostnames

Date: 23/12/2003 11:38


      I was testing Samba 3.0.1 as a logon server on a Solaris 9 Sparc box.
I compiled Samba using gcc 3.3 with the following options:

configure --prefix=/local/samba-3.0.1 --enable-static --with-nis
--with-quotas --with-syslog --with-msdfs --with-utmp

      I set utmp = yes in the smb.conf file

      The samba server does create login entries but minus the hostname
entries.  The following lists the after and before login entries:

      With Samba 3.0.1

mackensj  smb/1                         Tue Dec 23 11:22 - 11:24  (00:02)
regoa     smb/2                         Tue Dec 23 11:22 - 11:24  (00:02)
cunningg  smb/2                         Tue Dec 23 11:21 - 11:21  (00:00)

      With Samba 2.2.8a I was getting the following:

ochomoj   smb/6        docsdp100        Mon Dec 22 23:11 - 23:59  (00:47)
wichmanr  smb/7        unchs25          Mon Dec 22 23:07 - 23:07  (00:00)
regoa     smb/4        gefpq198         Mon Dec 22 22:59 - 00:46  (01:46)

      Please advise whether this is intentional and if there is a
workaround since knowing which PCs are being used by specific staff is
essential for troubleshooting

Best Regards
Suresh Khatry
United Nations Office at nairobi (UNON)

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