[Samba] dfree and linux quota

Johannes Laemmermann johannes.laemmermann at hardenberg-gymnasium.de
Mon Jan 5 23:25:51 GMT 2004

Hello Group!

I solved my problem about free disk space for users homes' combined
with quotas on linux box with a small perl script and the %U extension
parsed to my script. But I also have shares on other harddrives and there
are no quota. Now my question:

How can I get the real path of a share parsed to my dfree-script?

Thanks in advance
Johannes Laemmermann

I've tried any other substitution but without any positive result.
My dfree command entry: dfree command = /scripte/dfree/smb_dfree.pl %U

My perl scirpt:
use Quota;
my ($dev,$uid,$isgrp);
my ($bc,$bs,$bh,$bt,$ic,$is,$ih,$it);
#$uid=`getent passwd $ARGV[0]|cut --delimiter=\: --fields=3-3`;
$uid=`getent passwd sjohlae|cut --delimiter=\: --fields=3-3`;
($bc,$bs,$bh,$bt,$ic,$is,$ih,$it) = Quota::query($dev,$uid,$isgrp);
my $dspace = $bs;
my $dfree = $bs - $bc;
my $bsize = 1024;
print "$dspace $dfree $bsize\n";

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