[Samba] slow and max connection errors

Don Wheeling donw at rsbroadband.com
Mon Jan 5 21:34:25 GMT 2004

>> [global]
>>         load printers = no
> This should be yes if you want your printers to show up.
> Otherwise the [printers] share below is there for no
> reason.

Ok, for now I left this parameter to "no" and removed the printer 

>>         socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192
> I don't think you need socket options anymore, I could be wrong.

I removed this line

>>         netbios name = RSB
>>         server string = RSB Server
>>         workgroup = RSB
> The SMB protocol doesn't allow you to have your machine name
> the same as your workgroup name.  This may be an issue.

k, I renamed them:

netbios name = RSB
server string = RSB Server
workgroup = RSBShared

>> [shared]
>>         valid users =
>> swashington,dwheeling,beaster,bfitch,breynoso,bwatson,cbowen,cs
>> anford,dg
>> oldfluss,dhuscher,dkalutkiewicz,dmauz,dmcintosh,dschneider,dtin
>> sley,dwhe
>> eling,dyoung,gblack,gbonner,gfriedman,gmarciniak,imoore,jburns,
>> jmayer,jm
>> ccormick,jmercer,jpallotto,jrodriguez,jsabel,jvirgil,jvoss,kjoh
>> nson,lbro
>> wn,lfields,lperkins,mfleming,mhaynes,mheimple,mkarge,mwager,nwa
>> llace,rbo
>> wen,robbowen,rrestivo,rstearns,rwinterboer,skirtland,swright,sy
>> oung,tbur
>> gess,tswapp,twolf,wgriffith
> That's a lot of "valid users".  Perhaps you should create a group,
> just for managability.  Not strictly necessary.

This is part of my final configs I have planned. I made two user groups 
that will replace the long list above

>>>> 2. When macintosh and XP users connect all is fine except for
>>>> the speed
>>>> issue above but when a win2k client tries to connect it
>> gets an error
>>>> that max users/services have been reached.
> What's the exact error and how does it present itself?  Is it
> in the event log, or is it a popup dialog type error message?

The error is a popup window on Win2kPro machines:

The network place cannot be added because the following error has 
There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon 

Like I said, I'm new but it looks like the server is not broadcasting 
itself to the network? The weird thing is some Win2k/XP/Macintosh 
machines can connect no problem.

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